Presenting the first wind turbine that generates clean energy and cleans the air at the same time. For this purpose, we are developing a product, which reduces the content of Carbon Dioxide in the atmosphere while operating economically by improving the efficiency of the wind turbine.

The Next Generation of Wind Energy.

Our vision is a new generation of wind turbines! In the past, mankind only produced energy from fossil fuels creating damage to human health and the environment. Today, we can use renewable energy to produce clean, climate friendly energy but we have to go even further. BLANCAIR is the first energy generation, a technology that simultaneously produces clean energy and strengthens the environment.

This wind turbine is able to be a milestone in the wind energy industry. It’s much more than just a „better performing one“ than the others before. It will be the next generation of wind energy. With the complete new benefit of CO2 extraction.

The Benefits.

We can generate electricity, gather CO2 at the same time and use the recovered raw material to produce synthetic gasses or fuels directly at the turbine or in the wind farm. There is no downtime of the wind farm when the grid is overloaded, since the wind energy by the combined use of the CO2 can be stored as e-Fuels with the well-known power-to-liquids technology.

In addition:

  • The system works in a passive mode – no energy is consumed for collecting CO2.
  • The turbine operates more efficient with optimized rotor blades.
  • We can increase the turbines lifetime and reduce the maintenance.
  • Optionally we can use the collected CO2 in the food or agriculture industry.

Last but not least our most favorite benefit which has nothing to do with annual energy production or making profit. It is the benefit we generate for our environment. It is the active reduction of the CO2 concentration in our atmosphere.

Let’s start the next generation of wind energy – contact us, get in touch with us!